This Firm offers a very specialist, friendly, efficient, personal and knowledgeable service to Pest Control operations with regard to their Liability Insurance requirements and is one that fully understands how diverse the Pest Controllers works can be!

W F Fountain has been providing a service to Pest Control Industry and especially so for the National Pest Technicians Association (NPTA) membership since 1994. NPTA membership will always receive the keenest discounted rates available, subject to a clean claims record.

We offer the benefit of long industry experience in assisting with the Pest Control operators insurance needs. The volume of business taken up over the years has been the reason for the facility to remain in place and flourish.

"Whether you are working at Heights, Undertaking Wildlife Management with Firearms etc, or using Working Dogs/Ferrets/Birds of Prey, these areas are all accepted for the PC trade by our Insurers. Quite often there are special additional notes/permissions required for works that may not actually be viewed as Pest Control, but it can sometimes be possible to have these other areas noted and included by the Underwriters we utilise".